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I want to send my best holiday wishes for you and you families and thank you for all the time and effort you give to the kids.  This was a very successful season for Nor Cal on many levels.  We sought to be a more competitive league and in 2012 there was not one single undefeated team on the JP through Midget levels in Division 1 and the Super Conference by the time playoffs was over.  We sought to reduce byes and forfeits and keep teams with full families together much more than in the prior year and were very successful in all those areas.  In addition our Nor Cal playoffs and Championships included a large number of games decide by 1 or 2 points and/or overtime games as the kids and coaches shined under pressure.


2013 will bring new challenges for Nor Cal as we seek ways to improve and simplify our Certification process and place an even greater emphasis on sportsmanship thus making sure the kids have a safe environment to play football.


Our first meeting of 2013 will be January 16.  We hope to have a Super Conference Meeting to vote in new NSCS members in February and a leadership meeting for new president’s and new associations coming into Nor Cal this summer so that everyone has a better understanding of what is expected.


Congratulations to the following teams that placed at AYF NATIONALS.  The second place finishes are the best showing Nor Cal has ever had at the D1 level.  If you want to see the football scores and brackets just click on the link.


FIRST PLACE: Division 15 – San Francisco Bombers:


SECOND PLACE: Large Division 10 (JP) Oak Grove Rattlers:


D1 Midget: Oak Grove Roughriders:
D1 Jr. Midget: Oak Grove Renegades:
D2 Jr. PeeWee: Bay Area Spartans:
D1 CADET: Oak Grove Red Warriors:

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