Certification Notes

CERTIFICATION- Attached is the list of the 3 Certification areas and where your association is currently assigned to do Certification.  If you wish to change locations or your certification leader that is fine just let me know.;  however nobody should be recruiting an association to change locations.  Each of the Certification officers (Kim, Ranon and Kathy) will be responsible to set up their dates, times and locations and notify their respective associations.




Listed below are the dates and locations for the Nor Cal Coaches Clinics.  Please make sure your head coaches attend one of the clinics.  Your Head Coaches can attend any one of the clinics listed but MUST ATTEND one clinic for the team to get certified.


Saturday, July 14 Sacramento (Kim)
Fruitridge Community Center
4000 Fruitridge Rd
Sacramento, CA 95820
Check in at 9 am
Start Time: Football coaches 10 am – 2 pm.  Cheer coaches 11:45 to 3 pm.


Saturday July 21 San Jose (Kathy)
Oak Grove Hall.  107 East Alma
San Jose, CA
Start Time: Football coaches 10 am – 2 pm.  Cheer coaches 11:45 to 3 pm.


Saturday July 21 Vallejo (Ranon)
Norman C. King, 545 Magazine, Street,
Vallejo, California 94590.
Time: Football coaches 9 am – 2 pm.  Cheer coaches 12 to 3:30 pm




JAMBOREES – I want to clarify that Certification and the Jamborees are two separate events.  You cannot change JAMBOREE locations unless you find someone with your identical team strength (if you have a MM team, they would have to have a MM teams etc…) who agrees to switch with you and I approve it.  The High School where you will play, times and day will be determined by your host.  Associations are scheduled for Jamborees as follows:


Saturday Aug 25 Sacramento –(Location to be announced) SD, SR, GUR, SSV, NH, SB, EDC
Saturday Aug 25 @ Vallejo HS – SFB, SFF, BB, SP, VJ, VR, VBE
Sunday Aug 26 @ OAK GROVE HS, San Jose – OG, EPG, TCS, TCK, 300, OKD, EBP