All-Star Information


The All -Star games will be at GRANT HS in Sacramento on Sunday Nov 21.  Practice can not start until the Championship games are over.  The teams should be put together on Nov 15/16.  Players can expect to hear from coaches no later than Wednesday November 17.  If a player has not heard from the head coach by Wednesday night, on Thursday morning the player should contact their league president (who should contact Maria and/or Kim and/or the head coach) to make contact for the player.

NorCal has published the number of players for each team that is different by level (3 for Cadets and JP, 4 for PW and JM, 6 for Midget).  All-stars are selected from your team in the order filled out on the form.  So if you are a Cadet or JP the first three kids on your form are your all-stars.  Champions from this weekend will get additional spots as previousily published

There is only one mandatory practice and that is on Saturday Nov 20.  The mandatory practice can be up to 3 hours as long as one hour is chalk talk and does not involve physical activity.

The head coach, who in some cases will not be known until playoffs are over on Nov 15, is responsible to find a field and will set the time and location of the practice.  Head coaches are expected to practice at their associations local high school and is responsible to arrange for a practice facility so depending on where the head coach is from, practice could be anywhere from San Benito to Marin for the West.  Coaches can set up one optional practice during the week for 2 hours.

NOTE: Players must bring their own equipment except for the all-star jersey.

NOTE: Players from Novato, Central Marin and Southern Marin may be on the east all-stars in order to balance the rosters and ensure we have jerseys for all the kids that qualify.

Coaches and players going to nationals are not allowed to participate in the all-star games.  All-stars going to nationals will receive jerseys.



2010 plan will be revised by the NorCal President due to flux in actual numbers of teams

NOTE: This procedure does not apply to the Conference Midget or 8th grade all-star team that competes at Nationals.  That team is selected by the coaches named to the team by the Conference President or Board of Directors.  Every team represented by a player must have a coach from that association on the coaches roster.  The President of the association must approve and submit the list of all-stars from their association and has final say in any dispute within their organization.

All-Star games can be played on the Cadet through Midget levels.  Games MUST BE HELD ON A SUNDAY so teams can practice the Saturday before the games.


  1. 22 different players must start.  Players are not allowed to go both ways unless necessary due to injury and the total number of available players falls under 22.  MPR rules must be followed.
  2. No blitzing.  Only defensive lineman can rush the ball carrier.  No more than 6 players  can line up on the line of scrimmage and be considered defensive lineman.
  3. The head coach of the Home and Visiting all-star teams will be offered to the head coach in the Section (other than a team traveling to Florida) with the best records in their Division.  If that coach declines than the coach with the next best record for the home or visitors side will be offered.
  4. All head coaches must provide a list of their all-stars in order of selection (a form will be provided).  Each head coach must fill out the form with a list of players including their phone numbers in order of selection, alternating between backs and lineman and submit the information at the required time before the end of the regular season.
  5. The Head coach selects his assistant coaches from the volunteers but  must include one representative from each participating team.  The head coach is also responsible for determining the process for naming the starters for his all-star team, assigns assistant coach responsibilities and is responsible to set practice times and days (no more than 2 practice days including the Saturday before the game).

There must be a mandatory practice on Saturday at the HEAD COACHES HOME FIELD which in the case of the West Section could be anywhere from Marin to San Jose.

Please advise players they must bring their own association equipment except for game jersey to the practice and the game.

EXCEPT FOR THE PEE WEE LEVEL (due the numbers of players and teams) Head coaches are expected to add 2 players from their team to fill skill positions such as long-snapper, punter, kicker, back up QB etc,…

COACHES MUST CONTACT PLAYERS BY WEDNESDAY NIGHT. Roster can be obtained from Kim in the East and Maria in the West.  Please see distribution list above for email address contact info.

All-star jerseys will be handed out to the President’s (or coaches if they are there with their books) at the NorCal meeting for those all-stars who are traveling to Florida.  All other all-stars MUST be at the game to receive their free jerseys.

PLEASE DIRECT ALL ROSTER AND COACH CONTACT QUESTIONS TO KIM (EAST) AND MARIA (WEST).  If you have to contact the coach remember I sent out a roster of coaches with contact info in August.


EAST (includes teams from San Fransisco):

Cadet: Sac Saints head coach is the head coach for the East Cadet All-stars

JP:      Antelope head coach is the head coach for the East JP All-stars

PW:    Elk Grove head coach is the head coach for the East PW All-stars

JM:     Antelope head coach is the head coach for the East JM All-stars

Midget:Elk Grove head coach is the head coach for the East Midget All-stars


Cadet: OGW head coach is the head coach for the West Cad All-stars

JP:     CM head coach is the head coach for the West JP All-stars

PW:    Palo Alto head coach is the head coach for the West PW All-stars

JM:     Emeryville head coach is the head coach for the West JM All-stars

Midget:OGWest head coach is the head coach for the West Midget All-stars