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THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES SCHEDULE IS BELOW– Please see explanations below for why who plays where and when (the last two items).


NOR CAL IS REALLY ONE OF THE MOST COMPETITIVE LEAGUES IN THE COUNTRY – Anybody can say that right? But the proof is in the numbers.  See below:

  • Out of the 18 Semi-Final games played this weekend 13 (or almost 75%) of the games were won by a touchdown or less.  In addition two other games were decided by 2 touchdowns.
  • Out of 21 associations over 50% (12 associations) have at least one team playing in the Nor Cal Championship games

We expect some great Championship games this weekend so come on out and support your teams or just enjoy some great games


ADMISSION COST FOR CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES IS $10 – Please make sure you tell your parents so there is no issues at the game.


TRAVEL DURING PLAYOFFS – During the first 2 weeks of playoffs there were a total 27 games where teams traveled across section to play.  14 teams from the Sacramento/Valley area traveled to the Bay area to play games while 13 teams from the Bay area/South Bay traveled to the Sacramento/Valley area for playoff games.  NO TEAM TRAVELED ACROSS TO THE OTHER SECTION TWICE (meaning everyone shared in the pain of long travel).


WHY TEAMS WERE SELECTED TO PLAY IN SAN FRANCISCO OR SACRAMENTO – There are 8 Nor Cal Championship games this weekend which involved teams from Sacramento and only 6 games can be played in Sacramento so 2 teams had to travel to SF to play in the Championship games.  The 6U North game between SP and SD was moved to SF because SP is from the Bay Area and they are the #1 seed.  In addition SP traveled to Sacramento for the first round of playoffs and SD did not travel outside of Sacramento during the first two rounds of playoffs.  The 14U D2 game between Grant and Ceres was also moved to SF because Grant is the lowest seeded (#5) D2 team from Sacramento playing in the Championship games.  In addition neither Grant nor their opponent (Ceres 14U) traveled to the Bay Area during the first two rounds of playoffs.


WHY TEAMS ARE PLAYING AT THEIR SCHEDULED TIMES – The concern at Championships is always who plays the first game (because the kids have to get up early) and who plays the last game of the day (because parents don’t want their kids getting home too late at night).  So in SF we took the 2 teams with the least amount of travel (SFB and 300) and put them as the first game of the day (830) to give time for the Sacramento teams playing at 10 am and 12 pm and the Ceres teams playing at 12 pm, 2pm and 4pm time to get to SF without having to get up too early or get home too late.  The two teams with the least amount of travel (VJ and VBE), after the first game of the day, will play the last game of the day at 5 pm.  In Sacramento we start the day with two teams from Sacramento (12U D2)  at 8 am and finish the day with two teams from Sacramento (14U D1) at 6 pm to deal with the issue of getting up early and getting home late.  In addition in Sacramento the first three games of the day are D2 games and the last three games are D1 games.




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