Updated: 2019-05-22 19:36:14


Below is information regarding the Referee Association/Coordinator you will be using for 2019.  I need info from some of the new Nor Cal associations.  Everyone else please let me know if there are any corrections.


Also below is updated info on Coaches Clinics (Head Coaches MUST attend one of them), Certification Officers and Jamborees.  Please review as there has been some added info for clinics including times and some changes in Jamboree hosting/locations for teams.


REFEREES:  Who’s using which referee association

Andrea –Vacaville Bengals, Sac Ducks, Grant Union Chargers, So. Sac Vikings, Sac Raiders, North Highlands, Sac Panthers

Art –Oakland Wildcats, 300 Legacy Spartans, SF Bombers, San Pablo Cowboys, Vallejo Red Hawks, EBP, Tri-City Kings, Berkeley Bears, Vallejo Jaguars, Berkeley Jr. Jackets

Mike Lopez – Oak Grove, Hollister Cowboys

UNKNOWN – PLEASE LET ME KNOW WHO YOU PREFER TO USE – Merced, Ceres, Central Valley, Mountain House




STOCKTON – Saturday July 13.  Van Buskirk Community Center.  734 Houston Avenue, Stockton– Registration 9:30 am 10:30 am start

VALLEJO – Saturday July 13.  St. Pat’s HS, Vallejo – 8 am Registration, 9 am start

SACRAMENTO – Saturday July 20.  Location To Be Determined.

SAN JOSE –Sunday July 21.  Oak Grove Hall 107 East Alma, San Jose.  9 am Registration, 10 am start.


CERTIFICATION:  Associations are assigned to their Certification Officer as follows (however if at any time anyone wants to change their Certification Officer or a Certification Officer requests an association be moved to another location please let me know and I will make the necessary changes):

Ranon – SFB, EBP, BB, BJJ, VJ, SP, GUR, VBE, Vallejo Red Hawks, Oakland Wildcats

Kim – SSV, SAP, SR, SD, North Highlands, Central Valley, Ceres, Mountain House, Merced

Kathy – OG, Hollister, TCK, 300


JAMBOREES (Team schedules for the Jamboree will be sent out by the HOST):

Valley -Saturday Aug 24, @ TBA: CV, CB, MH, MP

Vacaville – Saturday Aug 24, @ Vanden HS (Fairfield) Hosted by VBE: VBE, VJ, VR, GUR, 300, OKW

South Bay – Saturday Aug 24, @ Hollister HS. (Hollister) Hosted by HC – HC, OG, TCK

Sacramento – Sunday Aug 25, location TBA – SSV, SAP, SD, SR, NH

Bay Area – Sunday Aug 25, location TBA (Antioch): Hosted by SFB – SFB, BJJ,  SP,  BB, EBP