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RESULTS – PLEASE SEND IN SCORES AS SOON AS EACH OF YOUR GAMES ARE COMPLETED THIS WEEKEND.  And no later than 8 pm Saturday night.  I need time to do the seating, break ties and put the PLAYOFF SCHEDULE together to try to make sure teams from the same association are not playing at the same time another teams from the same association playing at a different location on the same day.


SCHEDULE INFORMATION:  If your schedule changed this week – since last Friday – you should have received an email notice with the changes.  This includes the referees.

AYF NATIONALS UPDATE: Updates and clarifications  in red below:

The teams listed below have put in to go to Nationals if they qualify.   If anyone else has decided they want to go or a team listed below has decided they do NOT want to go please let me know ASAP.

HOW YOU QUALIFY: A team does NOT HAVE TO WIN THE NOR CAL CHAMPIONSHIPS TO QUALIFY.  You simply need to BEAT THE OTHER TEAMS LISTED THAT WANT TO GO during the Nor Cal playoffs or go farther in the Nor Cal playoffs then everyone else that wants to go.  So for example if MH and 300 11U teams both want to go to Regionals in San Diego and Nationals in Orlando, we will try set them up to play against each other in the first round of playoffs.  The winner would move on to the next Nor Cal playoff game but win or lost after that in the Nor Cal playoffs, they would be the representative for Nor Cal in the Regional and if they win Regionals at the AYF Nationals games.  In another example where there are 3 or 4 teams that have put in to go… say on the 8U level for example: if BJJ and MH lose in the first round of D1 playoffs and SP makes it to the second round of Nor Cal Playoffs, SP would be the representative for NorCal in the Regional and National  championship games (if they won Regionals).  If two teams that want to go to Nationals both lose in the same round, the higher seated team will advance to Regionals.  If a team does not make D1 playoffs they are out of contention to go to Regionals and Nationals UNLESS NO OTHER TEAM WANTING TO GO MAKES IT TO D1.

8U – SP, MH, VJ

10u – TCK,  SFB, SAP

11U – 300, MH

12U – SAP

14U – MH, SFB, SAP

ESTIMATED COSTS for Nationals: Given it is the first year for some of the associations, I want to cover estimated costs which the association/parents are responsible for.  NorCal will cover the cos tof going to the AYF Party Thursday night at the Amusement park but the associationand parents are resoinsible for the cost of travel and food.

Airfare $500

Hotel $200

Total: $700 per child and/or coach + transportation

Also each person will need approximately $200 for food.

Regional Games UPDATE:   We do not have a lot of information on Regionals but here is what we do know.  There are 4 different Conferences, including Nor Cal, who have put in to go to Regionals and Nationals so there will be Regional games – maybe 2 games on the weekend of Nov 16/17 (Nor Cal Championships are Nov 9/10).  They do have hotels set up for a cost of $120per night (4 people per room).  We do not yet know the format for how they will do the Regional games but as soon as we find out we will let you know.  ONLY TEAMS GOING TO NATIONALS CAN PARTICIPATE IN THE REGIONAL GAMES IN SAN DIEGO.  Also if you go to the Regional games and win you MUST GO TO NATIONALS IN ORLANDO.  If you back out after winning Regionals, Nor Cal MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SEND A REPRESENTATIVE IN 2020If you lose at Regionals, you are eliminated from the National tournament.  So please do not make this commitment lightly.

STATE/WEST COAST CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES:  Nor Cal will be hosting the State/West Coast Championship games on Saturday Nov  23 in Sacramento.  These games WOULD INVOLVE OUR NOR CAL CHAMPIONS AGAINST OTHER CHAMPS FROM CA OR WASHINGTON.  The only exception would be if a Nor Cal Champion participated in and won Regionals and is on the way to Florida for the AYF National Championships.  In that case the Nor Cal runner up on that level would be invited  in our champs place.  We already have a commitment for a 6U team from LA to come up to play our overall 6U champion (decided by the best overall record or Nor Cal tie-breaker process among the three 6U champions per Nor Cal rules).  We also hope there wil be room for the other two 6U Nor Cal champions to play for the D2 State/Regional Championship.  We are waiting on the Regional Director to provide contact information for teams from Washington who may be interested in participating in our games on some levels.  We may also invite Conference Champs from other Northern California Leagues (Pop Warner etc…) if there are openings.  We cannot guarantee games on all levels due to the fact our levels may not match up with anyone else and/or other Conferences may not have interest in sending someone on a particular age group.  However it is our goal to fill all levels with opponents for our Nor Cal Champions including 6U, 8U, 10U, 11U, 12U and 14U. 

Teams must have submitted their rosters to AYF by Sep 30 and must have at least 16 players from that roster attend the Regional games in San Diego and the National games in Orlando.  IF you have less than 15 or less players that show up your games will be forfeited though you will be allowed to scrimmage.




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