2018 Home Schedule


NH has merged with EDC so there has been more changes to the schedule.  Thanks to EDC and BB for agreeing to change a home date.  As always, going forward, opponents are subject to change but your home dates will NOT be changed without your agreement.  I will continue to look at possible opponent changes to reduce travel and keep families together.


JAMBOREES –There was a change in the Jamboree in Vallejo.  It was moved to Sunday at Vallejo HS.  I want to clarify that Certification and the Jamborees are two separate events.  You cannot change JAMBOREE locations.  The High School where you will play, times and day will be determined by your host.  Listed below IS THE LOCATION FOR THE JAMBOREE FOR EACH ASSOCIATION.  Each of the hosts will be responsible for communicating with the refs for the Jamboree in your assigned area.  Associations are to work with the individual listed for times, dates, location confirmation etc…


  • Sunday Aug 26 @ Vallejo HS (Ranon) – SFB, SFF, SP, VJ, VBE
  • Sunday Aug 26 @ OAK GROVE HS, San Jose (Kathy) – OG, EPG, TCK, 300, OKD, BB
  • Sunday, 8/26 at Cosumnes Oaks High School in Elk Grove  (Kim) – SD, SR, GUR, SSV, SB, EDC


PLAYOFFS –Playoff dates are included on the home schedule.  PLEASE INCLUDE THESE DATES WHEN REQUESTING YOUR FIELD DATES FROM YOUR HIGH SCHOOL.  There may be minor changes because at this point we can only estimate the number of teams which qualify and play each weekend.  Any changes will be discussed with the affected association before the playoff schedule is finalized.


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