November 19, 2019 – State Games Scheduled with Times and Locations – Updated

BELOW IS THE REVISED STATE GAME SCHEDULE for Saturday with times, day and location.


We added one game on Saturday so the times of the last two games were affected.  Changes are listed in red.


NOTE: The games on Sunday at the Sac Raiders field have been cancelled.  The Snoop teams backed out of playing VBE on the 10U and 11U levels and there was enough chatter about Hub City from LA not coming due to scheduling issues that we had to pull the plug and not risk the Raiders paying for field costs, refs, EMT etc… and having forfeits and/or no shows.  The 14U D2 game was moved to the Ducks field on Saturday.


SATURDAY AT El Camino HS , Sacramento

9 AM – 6U D2 HD Rams (LA) – SF Bombers

10:30 AM – 12U D1 Vacaville Bengals – Modesto Raiders

12:30 PM – 8U D1 So. Sac Vikings – Modesto Raiders

2:30 PM – 14U D2 Ceres Bulldogs – Modesto Raiders

4:30 PM – 6U D1 Vallejo Jags -Sac Ducks

6 PM – 14U D1 Sac Ducks – Chico Panthers


Please see below for instructions and guidelines regarding our event.

Admission prices are $10 for adults (15 and up); $5 for children (5-14); Free for children under 5.  All players and coaches on the Roster must walk in together.  No other personnel will be allowed entry with the team.  IF THEY ARE NOT ON THE ROSTER THEY CANNOT COME IN WITH THE TEAM.

The HOME Teams (Nor Cal teams), EXCEPT FOR THE D1 6U GAME between Vallejo and the Sac Ducks where the Visitor provides chain gang, are responsible for providing a Chain Crew (3 adults) and each team will be responsible to provide 2 MPR/Spotters.  These 5 people will be allowed in free of charge as will the President of each association. These volunteers should walk in with the team.

You must provide your own water for your team.

We have trophies for both teams, for the Champion and Runner Up.  Please go immediately to the designated endzone after your game for the award ceremony so we do not delay the start of the next game.

We have a few rules regarding field usage

  1. NO SMOKE GRENADES!!  (we had one drop and burned the track.  The schools have mandated no smoke so please be respectful).
  2. Only rostered participants will be allowed on the field, no team moms, managers, water boys/girls
  3. No coolers or canopies will be allowed in the stadium except for the team water bottles, all bags are subject to search.
  4. Teams may bring a canopy for their own sideline.
  5. All MPR’s must be completed prior to team check in.
  6. No photographers or videographers will be allowed on the field.

In addition the host Sacramento Ducks and Sac Raiders will be sending out a list of field rules from the high school on their invitation which should be out by Wednesday night.