October 2, 2019 – Playoff and Playoff Hosting Info

  1. HOST TEAMS PLAY AT HOME WHENEVER POSSIBLE – We make every attempt to have your teams play at home if you are hosting however if 2 teams are playing against one another and both associations are hosting, the higher seed will be at home and the other host team will be on the road.
  2. Hosts are guaranteed to have a least 1 team at home.  I usually try to make a host team the last game of the day for clean-up purposes.
  3. First round Playoff Hosts will have 4 games at their field.  Some associations have 5 or even 6 teams but please keep in mind YOU WILL ONLY HAVE A MAXIMUM OF 4 OF YOUR TEAMS AT HOME.  Which of your teams will be on the road will be determined items 1 and 2 above or by what is best for all associations involved and will not based on age group or record.
  4. Hosts are advised I set the times for playoff games and it cannot be changed unless I make a mistake.  When scheduling I do my best to ensure teams from the same association playing on the same day do not conflict and parents have time to get to both or all of their association games.
  5. The first playoff game of the day may start as early as 8 am or as late as 12 noon depending on what is needed to ensure games do not conflict for parents.
  6. On Monday October 21 I will send out the seeding information for all levels and presidents can let me know by 8 PM Monday night if there are any issues.
  7. On Tuesday October 22 the playoff game schedule for quarter-finals with times, days and locations will be sent out for the first week of playoffs (October 26/27).
  8. Semi-Final match-ups, times, days and locations will be sent out on Monday October 28.
  9. Sacramento teams are advised that there is only one location for playoffs in the first round so if you are not playing SAP you will be on the road,  However we do have 2 locations in Sacramento for Semi-finals.
  10. Week 8 and during playoffs I will need presidents and hosts to send me game scores immediately after their games are completed.  I need to time to ensure teams from the same association playing at different locations on the same day have time to travel to see all their teams play.  This is not always possible but I do consider it a priority when scheduling playoffs.
  11. If there are teams tied for seeding or the final playoff spot the Nor Cal tie-breakers will be used.  It basically includes:

(A) head-to-head competition.

(B) Record against Common Opponents.

(C) Winning % of a team’s opponents – higher winning % will result in the higher seed