September 20, 2019 – Schedule Notes



COACHES SWEARING ON THE SIDELINES – We have been getting multiple reports of coaches swearing on the sidelines.  THIS NEEDS TO STOP IMMEDIATELY.  First of all it is the wrong thing to do.  Second the kids hear it, think it ok and then go on the field and then imitate their coaches by swearing on the field including at opposing players.  COACHES SHOULD BE SETTING THE EXAMPLE OF WHAT IS ACCEPTABLE AND SWEARING IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.  Be advised going forward if we get reports from referees that coaches on the sideline are swearing, the HEAD COACH WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE AND BE SUSPENDED as he is responsible for the behavior of ALL coaches, players and fans according to National AYF rules.  The refs may or may not address the swearing with the Head coach but does NOT need to give any type of verbal warning during the game, as we do not need to set up the potential for additional conflict.  Just cut the nonsense and PLAY FOOTBALL!!


WHAT TO DO IF A PLAYER DOES NOT WANT TO GO INTO THE GAME (FROM THE CODE OF CONDUCT COMMITTEE) – In regards to the question on how to handle a player (kid) that refuses to play or enter the game:

The Head Coach should be called over the President/VP/Rep. of both associations.  Then they should call the parent down to the sideline and explain what is going on.  At that point a decision would be made to either play the kid or scratch the kid.  Then the President/VP would then notify both the PAR person as well as the Head Referee.  This should be done PRIOR to the end of the third quarter when the player has to go in and the game should not be halted at any point to address the issue.


PLAYER CARDS ONLY IN THE BOOK – Teams should now remove all supporting documents (birth certificate, physical etc…) from the player book except for the player cards and medical information.


ADDING PLAYERS FROM THIS POINT FORWARD – The date for adding players except under special circumstances has passed.  However to avoid forfeits Nor Cal will allow players to be added if a team falls below 14 players.  Medical notes from Doctors that a child cannot play football and/or drop forms (including emails from parents) must be provided on each dropped player in order to be allowed to add players. No players shall be added after Week 7. If the team falls below 14 players, needs additional players (to get back up to 16 players) and cannot produce the drop forms or medical notes BEFORE THE PLAYERS ARE ADDED; Drop forms must be sent to the president of Nor Cal in order to get approval prior to adding players.


SUBMIT YOUR ROSTERS TO NATIONALS: You need to submit your rosters on-line to Nationals (especially if you are thinking of sending a team to the AYF National Football or Cheer championships) and send a copy to Nor Cal.  YOU CANNOT MAKE ANY ROSTER CHANGES AFTER except as noted ABOVE.  If you are not sure how to do this contact your certification officer.



Please check the schedule of all levels closely for changes which may impact your association/teams as days of games and fields have changed.  Each President and Coach is responsible to review the updated schedules which come out each Friday morning throughout the rest of the regular season for any changes which affect your teams (changes in times, day, fields or opponents are listed in red) as this document is the only notice you will get.


If your schedule changed this week – since last Friday – you should have received an email notice with the changes.  This includes the referees.


BYES – Teams with byes weeks 4 and 5 listed on this schedule are released to make other plans.  Teams with byes weeks 6-8 should NOT MAKE OTHER PLANS as games may become available next week AND IF GAMES BECOME AVAILABLE YOU MUST PLAY or you will receive a forfeit.