August 19, 2019 – Team Strength Notes

The first Time and day schedule will be out on Friday morning.  Just so you know there will be changes in opponents as 3 associations (Napa, OKW and NH) dropped and DP was added.  So don’t be surprised when you see changes in your opponents including the first week.  Changes were held to a minimum but had to be made.



BJJ- no  6U, 10U 14U

BB – no 12U, 14U.  Have an 11U

SP – no 14U

DP – no 10U,

MH – no 6U, 10U,12U, Have an 11U

300 – no 14U, Have 11U and 12U teams

VBE – no 6U, 14U. Have 11U and 12U teams

VJ – Have 11U and 12U teams

OG – no 6U

TCK – no 6U

GUR – no 6U

EBP – no 6U. 10U, no 14U, have 11U but no 12U

VR – no 6U, 8U, 10U, 14U.




See latest change high-lighted below

JAMBOREES (Team schedules for the Jamboree will be sent out by the HOST):

Central Area -Saturday Aug 24, @ Mountain House High School: CV, CB, MH, MP, Delta Patriots

South Bay – Saturday Aug 25, @ Gilroy HS Hosted by HC – HC, OG, TCK

Sacramento – Sunday Aug 25, @ Hiram Johnson HS – SSV, SAP, SD, SR

Bay Area – Sunday Aug 25, Antioch HS – Hosted by SFB – SFB, BJJ,  SP,  BB, EBP, VBE, VJ, VR, GUR, 300


For the Jamboree and all games: Individuals, including coaches, without a badge will pay General Admission. Rosters and verbal identification will not be accepted.  It causes issues at the gate and on the sideline when staff shows up without a badge.