Clarifications on Levels of play for Nor Cal for 2019/Upcoming events


Nor Cal will offer football programs on the 6U, 8U, 10U, 12U, and 14U levels.  What this means as a general rule is as follows:


5 year old players will be playing against 6 year olds

7 year old players will be competing against 8 year olds

9 year old players will be competing against 10 year olds

11 year old players will be competing against 12 year olds

13 year old players will be competing against 14 year olds.


Because some associations have indicated they may not have any 12 or 14 year old players on their 12U and 14U teams this year, come playoff time, we will offer 11U and 13U playoffs for teams that do not have any 12 or 14 year old players.


While we have asked people at this point what they expect to have; nobody is going to be held to what they are currently saying they have team strength-wise.  So teams will not be asked to declare if they are going 11U or 13U until early October. But please know the following:  Players 12 or 14 years of age may not be dropped in order to qualify for 11U or 13U playoffs.  IF they quit on their own or are injured so you end up with all 11 or 13 year olds that is acceptable but you cannot drop a player to qualify for 11U or 13U playoffs.




REFEREES:  Who’s using which referee association

Andrea –Vacaville Bengals, Sac Ducks, Grant Union Chargers, So. Sac Vikings, Sac Raiders, North Highlands, Sac Panthers, Central Valley Lions, Merced, Ceres, Mountain House

Art –Oakland Wildcats, 300 Legacy Spartans, SF Bombers, San Pablo Cowboys, Vallejo Red Hawks, EBP, Tri-City Kings, Berkeley Bears, Vallejo Jaguars, Berkeley Jr. Jackets

Mike Lopez – Oak Grove, Hollister Cowboys






MONDAY JULY 22 –  BACKGROUND CHECKS and PROOF OF INSURANCE – THE BACKGROUND AFFIDAVIT FORM” which must be sent to the Nor Cal Secretary Denise Wallace (email above in Cc Section).  This is a forward looking document as you must conduct background checks on new coaches that start after you send the AFFIDIVIT to Denise.   You MUST also have your proof insurance and send it in to Denise Wallace before you can start practice.  The info must be sent in no later than July 22 or you CANNOT start practicing.



STOCKTON – Saturday July 13.  Van Buskirk Community Center.  734 Houston Avenue, Stockton– Registration 9:30 am 10:30 am start

*VALLEJO – Saturday July 13.  St. Pat’s HS, Vallejo – 8 am Registration, 9 am start

SACRAMENTO – Saturday July 20.  Location To Be Determined.

SAN JOSE –Sunday July 21.  TBA 9 am Registration, 10 am start.

*NOTE: RANON has arranged for USA football to be at the Vallejo clinic -BUT USA FOOTBALL TRAINING IS NOT MANDATORY FOR NOR CAL COACHES (you can similar training through on-line courses through AYF). Coaches are NOT mandated to attend any specific clinic and do NOT  have to attend the Vallejo clinic just because USA is there.  Coaches are encouraged to SAVE YOUR GAS MONEY and attend the closest local clinic.  If you are interested USA conducts several clinics throughout the ‘bay area and may be willing to set one up in your area if you contact them.


CERTIFICATION:  Associations are assigned to their Certification Officer as follows (however if at any time anyone wants to change their Certification Officer or a Certification Officer requests an association be moved to another location please let me know and I will make the necessary changes):

Ranon – SFB, EBP, BJJ, VJ, SP, GUR, VBE, Vallejo Red Hawks, Oakland Wildcats

Kim – SSV, SAP, SR, SD, BB, North Highlands, Central Valley, Ceres, Mountain House, Merced

Kathy – OG, Hollister, TCK, 300


JAMBOREES (Team schedules for the Jamboree will be sent out by the HOST):

Central Area -Saturday Aug 24, @ to be announced CV, CB, MH, MP

Vacaville – Saturday Aug 24, @ Vanden HS (Fairfield) Hosted by VBE: VBE, VJ, VR, GUR, 300, OKW

South Bay – Saturday Aug 25, @ Hollister HS. (Hollister) Hosted by HC – HC, OG, TCK

Sacramento – Sunday Aug 25, @ Hiram Johnson HS – SSV, SAP, SD, SR, NH

Bay Area – Sunday Aug 25, location TBA (Antioch): Hosted by SFB – SFB, BJJ,  SP,  BB, EBP


For the Jamboree and all games Individuals, including coaches, without a badge will pay General Admission. Rosters and verbal identification will not be accepted.  It causes issues at the gate and on the sideline when staff shows up without a badge.