Playoff Notes

REMINDER: TM COACHES:  TM coaches are reminded that seeding for playoffs is based upon ranking by the TM coaches (one per team).  Coaches are to send in their seeding after week 7 between Monday October 15 and Thursday October 89 so we have time to match up the match ups for the playoff schedule which comes out on Monday Oct 22.  Coaches should look at the teams listed and will rank either the Northeast or Southwest (whichever bracket that team falls under).  Even though there are no standings kept or scores posted, most TM coaches follow other TM teams.  If you do not follow other TM teams, than you should probably leave the voting to those coaches who scout and monitor other TM teams.


FEES DUE TODAY – Your Cheer Comp and Hosting fees are due TODAY.  If you fail to deposit your funds you football teams will NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN PLAYOFFS or you will not be allowed to host playoffs.  Please get your fees in as we do not want to keep your kids from getting their weel-earned playoff experience.  THERE CAN BE NO EXCEPTIONS IF YOU DO NOT PAY.


2 WIN TEAMS – It takes 3 wins to qualify for playoffs.  However I need to know by next Monday if one or more of your teams have only wins if you want to put them in for playoffs.  There will be a limited number of playoff slots for 2 wins teams and they will be handed out on a first-come, first-in basis.  You will be notifed after week 7 if your 2 win team will get into the playoffs.


MOVING UP TO D1 OR DOWN TO D2 – Top 4 teams in each Division (CADT, MM etc…) make D1 playoffs, everyone else is D2.  Nor Cal rules allow teams to move up to D1 or down to D2 under certain circumstances.  If you have a team that definitely wants to play D1 or D2 you can put them in for it no later than next Monday.  No guarantees anyone will be able to move up or down.  It will be done on an as-needed and available basis.


PLAYOFF INFORMATION:  This is just a note so everyone knows some basic information on playoffs.

  1. Based on the number of teams in each level of play and to be consistent, the top 4 teams in each division (MM to JM) will be D1 regardless of record.  All others will be D2.
  2. Most D1 teams will have a first week bye and play on Nov 3/4.
  3. Championship games on Nov 17/18 weekend @ either SSV (Saturday) or 300 (Sunday) fields.
  4. On Monday October 22 I will send out the seeding information for all levels and presidents can let me know by 10 PM Monday night if there are any issues.  There will be no playoff meeting.
  5. On Tuesday October 23 the playoff game schedule with times, days and locations will be sent out for the first week of playoffs (October 27/28).
  6. Playoff match-ups, times, days and locations will be sent out each Monday starting Monday Nov 5.
  7. Nov 10 playoff games are only at the SR field so any teams playing week 3 during playoffs will have to travel to Sacramento
  8. Week 8 and during playoffs I will need presidents and hosts to send me game scores immediately after their games are completed.
  9. If there are teams tied for the final playoff spot in D1 with no tie-breaker, those teams would first be given the option to move to D2 or stay D1 and if possible their requests will be granted as long as there were 4 teams left in both D1 and D2 playoffs.  The exception would be if both teams wanted to move to D2 leaving only 3 teams in D1.  In that case they would both stay in D1 as long as there were still 4 teams in the D2 bracket.
  10. If a team is hosting they will be scheduled at home unless their opponent is also hosting and is a higher seed.
  11. Every effort will be made to ensure the last game of the day includes a team from the hosting association (needed in most cases for clean-up etc…).