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Here’s what’s new on the Norcal Football site.

Game Notes

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NEW: ATTACHED IS THE UPDATED HOME SCHEDULE AND LEAGUE STRUCTURE.  Changes to the home schedule were made as the Delta Ducks (Stockton) took the SF Bandits home schedule with changes made to reduce travel (specifically changing DD at PAK and Watsonville at Stockton which impacted some other programs).  Opponents are listed but are still subject to change without notification.  Home DATES will NOT be changed unless you are notified and agree to the change.  DD will also take the Bandits place at the Jamboree at FFHS (see below).

NEW: 14U, 15U AND MM – After starting work on the time and day schedule I need to reiterate that the new levels (14U, 15U and MM) which we are trying to grow are NOT traveling with rest of the family the majority of the time.  There are going to be growing pains for these 3 divisions in the form of traveling on their own, although I am making every effort to keep them at home when the rest of your teams are at home.

NEW: 7 GAMES AT A FIELD ON ONE DAY – There is also a lot of concern being expressed about associations attempting to host 7 games at one field on the same day including at OKD, EBP, 300, SR and SP.  I WILL BE IN CONTACT WITH THESE ASSOCIATIONS TO REVIEW THEIR PLAN.  As if there is a delay at their field a 7 pm game could easily move to 8:30 pm or even a 9 pm start which makes visiting coaches and parents very upset.  If you don’t have a plan like a side field, we will limit the number of games on your field to 6 games.

JAMBOREES – I want to clarify that Certification and the Jamborees are two separate events.  We have 24 associations and 4 Jamboree sites so I have scheduled 6 associations at each of the 4 Jamboree locations, which do not necessarily correlate to your certification location.  You cannot change locations unless you find someone with your identical team strength (if you have a MM team, they would have to have a MM teams etc…) who agrees to switch with you and I approve it.   Except in one case, locations are scheduled to ensure that teams have opponents to play at each of their levels at their scheduled location (for example there are two locations for 15U, three locations for 14U etc…).  The High School where you will play, times and day will be determined by your host.  Associations are scheduled for Jamborees as follows:

Saturday Aug 26 @ GRANT HS, Sacramento – SD, SR, SO, SSV, SH, CSK
Saturday Aug 26 @ FAIRFIELD HS – SFB, SFF, EBP, SP, VR, DD
Sunday Aug 27 @ VALLEY CHRISTIAN HS, Vacaville- VBE, NCO, NCD (Redding), VJ, BB, OKD
Sunday Aug 27 @ OAK GROVE HS, San Jose – OG, PAK, TCS, TCK, 300, AG

PLAYOFFS –Playoff dates are included on the home schedule.  PLEASE INCLUDE THESE DATES WHEN REQUESTING YOUR FIELD DATES FROM YOUR HIGH SCHOOL.  There may be minor changes because at this point we can only estimate the number of teams which qualify and play each weekend.  Any changes will be discussed with the affected association before the playoff schedule is finalized.

UPCOMING EVENTS:  Listed below are the dates and locations for the Nor Cal Coaches Clinics.  Please make sure your head coaches attend one of the clinics.  Your Head Coaches can attend any one of the clinics listed but MUST ATTEND one clinic for the team to get certified.

Saturday July 15 San Jose (Kathy)
Oak Grove Hall.  107 East Alma
San Jose, CA
Start Time: Football coaches 10 am – 2 pm.  Cheer coaches 11:45 to 3 pm.

Saturday July 22 Vallejo (Ranon)
Norman C. King, 545 Magazine, Street,
Vallejo, California 94590.
Time: Football coaches 9 am – 2 pm.  Cheer coaches 12 to 3:30 pm

Saturday, July 22 Sacramento (Kim)
Holiday Inn Express & Suites
9175 West Stockton Blvd.
Elk Grove CA, 95758
Check in at 9 am
Start Time: Football coaches 10 am – 2 pm.  Cheer coaches 11:45 to 3 pm.




Nor Cal had a great showing in Orlando Florida.  The complete list of Football teams and Cheer squads who won or placed is listed below:







I would personally like to thank Ranon, Kim, Mike, Kathy, Denise, Tremaine and all the volunteers who made the championship games a great success, as well as all the presidents, coaches and volunteers who helped make a great season for the kids!

4 OVERTIME GAMES HIGHLIGHT COMPETITION AT THE NOR CAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES – Listed below are the Division I Nor Cal Champions for the 2016 season.  Three of the Division I games went to overtime while 3 other games were within one touchdown and many of those games featured teams that came from behind to win.  In Division II the Sac Ducks Cadets came from behind to take the game to triple OT.  See all of the results attached:


15U: 300 ELITE SPARTANS 11-0 (beat SR 25-19 in OT)
JM: SOLANO WARRIORS 11-0 (beat OGW 16-8)
PW: SOUTH SAC VIKINGS 11-0 (beat OGS 13-6 in OT)
JP: OAK GROVE RATTLERS 10-0-1 (beat VBE 22-14)
CAD: SOLANO WARRIORS 11-0 (beat 3LB 21-0)
TM (North): SAC DUCKS (beat VBE 14-7 in OT)
TM: (South): OAK GROVE (beat SFF 14-6)


IMPORTANT NOTE IF YOU ARE GOING TO NATIONALS – If you are taking a football team or cheer squad to nationals I need numbers of ROSTERED KIDS AND COACHES GOING (NOT # of kids and coaches on the roster) by 10 am Monday morning.  Money will be divided at that point with no possibility of changing it if something comes in late; after teams are advised of amounts.

No Changes to the schedule. 

REFEREES AT THE CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES – If you are participating in the games please PASS THIS INFORMATION TO YOUR COACHES, PLAYERS AND PARENTS SO THEY CAN REST ASSURED THAT THE REFS FOR THE GAMES WILL BE IMPARTIAL.  We do this so COACHES CANNOT USE REFEREES AS AN EXCUSE FOR LOSING.  Also if you have coaches NOT participating, please pass this info on to them so they know how we utilize referees for the championship games:

AT OGHS – Art Cruz who provides refs for SF, Oakland, Vallejo and Fairfield will be providing the referees at Oak Grove.
AT 3LE – Daniel Klausner who provides refs for the Mid-Peninsula will be providing refs at Oakland.  There are no Mid-Peninsula teams playing in Oakland.
ALL-STAR GAMES – Andrea will provide refs for all 5 Local All-Star Games hosted by the Vallejo Jags on Nov 27

CHAMPIONSHIP PARTICIPATION – Over 50% of the associations in Nor Cal (11 out of 21) still have at least one team participating in the Nor Cal Championship games.  OG leads with 4 teams in the Championship games while 3LE, SD, SFF and VBE each have 3 teams participating in the finals.

SCHEDULE – Normally the last game of the day belongs to the Host association however 3LE requested to play their 15U game early so all of their teams could play back-to-back.

MATCH UPS OF UNDEFEATED TEAMS – We have 3 games where undefeated teams are playing each other this weekend:

At Oakland – 1030 am -D1 CAD: SOL (10-0) – 3LB (10-0)*
At Oakland – 1230 pm -D1 15U: SR (10-0) – 3LE (10-0)*
In San Jose – 530 pm – D1 JM: SOL (10-0) – OGW (10-0)*

There are also 2 other games at OGHS where undefeated teams play a one-loss team including the D1 Pee Wee Regional Championship game where the winner goes to Florida:

130 pm – D1 JP: VBE (9-1) – OGS (9-0-1)
330 pm – D1 PW: OGS (9-1) – SSV (10-0) (RC)


WHO’S GOING TO THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Below is an updated list of teams who have expressed interest in going and/or qualified to go to Florida for the AYF National Championships in December.

Also I will need the cell phone numbers for the Head Coach and President or their representative at Nationals.  Please send those to me a soon as you qualify.


  • CADET: 3LB – Going to Nationals
  • JP: OGS – Going to Nationals
  • PW: OGS, SSV
  • JM: OGW – Going to Nationals


  • CADET: SFF, PAK – Winner of this weekend’s game qualifies for Nationals
  • JP: SFF, SFB
  • PW: No slot at nationals
  • JM: PAK – Going to Nationals


OAKLAND’s FIELD IS NOT YET SET – so ALL TIMES ARE TENATIVE AND COULD BE CHANGED.  As soon as Oakland gets their day and field confirmed we will resend the schedule.  In the meanwhile the current schedule, as of this moment, is attached.

WHO’S GOING TO THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS – Below is an updated list of teams who have indicated they are interested in going to Florida for the AYF National Championships in December.


  • CADET: 3LB – Going to Nationals
  • JP: OGS, SP – Winner of this weekend’s game qualifies for nationals
  • JM: OGW, SB – Winner of this weekend’s game qualifies for Nationals


  • JP: SFF, SFB
  • PW: No slot at nationals
  • JM: PAK – Going to Nationals

Congratulations to the VACAVILLE BULLDOGS the 2016 winner of the NOR CAL SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD.  The Bulldogs will have their $250 association fees for 2017 paid by the Conference.  Prior winners (last time we left off SSV who were the co-award winner in 2013) include: 

  • 2016 – Vacaville Bulldogs
  • 2015 – Oakland Dynamites
  • 2014 – Tri Counties
  • 2013 – Vallejo Raiders/South Sacramento Vikings
  • 2012 – Vacaville Bengals/Sacramento Raiders


REPORT SCORES FOR SATURDAY GAMES SATURDAY NIGHT – IMPORTANT – Please send me your scores for Saturday games on Saturday night and do not wait until Sunday.  I need the additional time to get the playoffs seeding and matchups together for our playoff meeting on Monday night.  In fact I would appreciate if you could text  or email the scores of the games to me as they end – especially teams playing on Sunday as I need time to go through all the tie-breakers and set the match ups in time for the Monday night meeting.

BADGES – You MUST HAVE YOUR COACHES BADGES TO BE ON THE SIDELINE.  If you are told to get off the sideline because you have no badge and you don’t leave you team will be subject to a forfeit and your TEAM will not be allowed to advance in the playoffs.  All it takes is the word of the host president that you refused to cooperate.  No other evidence is necessary or will be considered.

MPR FORMS – Make sure you have enough MPR forms for playoffs including announcers.  You don’t want to be knocked out of the playoffs due to not having a certified MPR.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  Just because a team put in to go to D2 national playoffs does not mean they automatically go D2.  If, for example, a team goes 7-1 they are in D1 playoffs, not D2 playoffs.  They may have put in for D2 national playoffs; but if they qualify for D1, they are D1.  In the example above the 7-1 team will NOT be in any D2 playoffs – Nor Cal or National, they will be in D1 all the way through.

Also please note changes below on JM level.

PLAYOFFS:  Each division and level of play must have at least 4 teams for playoffs.  With that in mind here are some guidelines for who will be in D1 and/or D2 playoffs:

To make D1 playoffs: 6-2 record or better.  An exception may be on 15U level where it is possible only three teams will have a record of 6-2 or better so 5-3 teams would need to move up.

To make D2 playoffs: 5-3 record to 3-5 record.  There may be exceptions on both the JP and JM levels where one or even two 6-2 teams may need to be moved down to D2 playoffs to ensure they have the 4 team minimum.


PLAYOFFS:  Each division and level of play must have at least 4 teams for playoffs.  With that in mind here are some guidelines for who will be in D1 and/or D2 playoffs:

To make D1 playoffs: 6-2 record or better.  An exception may be on 15U level where it is possible only three teams will have a record of 6-2 or better so 5-3 teams would need to move up.

To make D2 playoffs: 5-3 record to 3-5 record.  An exception may be the JP level where one or even two 6-2 teams may need to be moved down to D2 playoffs to ensure they have the 4 team minimum.


STAYING ON SCHEDULE:  In order to stay on schedule the following guidelines are in effect:

  • If the next game is going to start 30 minutes late – the 4th quarter is a running clock.
  • If the next game is going to start 45 minutes late – the second half is a running clock If the next game is going to start 1 hour or more late – The entire game is a running clock

These guidelines are in effect immediately.  It is up to the president to use them AND ADVISE TEAMS BEFORE THE GAME STARTS WHAT PART OF IT WILL BE A RUNNING CLOCK.

These guidelines do NOT have to be used UNLESS you have scheduled to start at 6 pm or later.  However if you have a full slate of games with the last game scheduled at 6 pm or later these guidelines MUST be used.


GAMES RUNNING LATE – One of the biggest problems we are having is games running late.  START THE FIRST GAME ON TIME!  When the first game runs late every game runs late.  Also have the teams for the next game warming up in the end zone with 4 minutes left on the clock, so the next game can be started right away.   Letting the games run themselves – refs and teams walking around smiling and talking when the game should have already started is leading to a BAD EXPERIENCE for parents.  Each host should put someone in charge of keeping the games moving.  That will go a long way towards keeping the games on-time.


PLAYER CARDS ONLY IN THE BOOK – Teams should now remove all supporting documents (birth certificate, physical etc…) from the player book except for the player cards and medical information.

LAST CHANCE TO ADD TO YOUR ROSTER Sep 15 – Just a reminder that Wednesday Sep 15 is the last day to add players or change teams.  You need to submit your rosters on-line to Nationals and send a copy to Nor Cal.  YOU CANNOT MAKE ANY ROSTER CHANGES AFTER Sep 15 except as noted below.  Players who have not made weight are encouraged to move up. If a child has not made weight by week 3, does not want to move up and wants to continue to try to make weight, that is ok but they must make weight during the regular season to be eligible for playoffs.

ADDING PLAYERS AFTER Sep 15: Medical notes from Doctors that a child cannot play football and/or drop forms must be provided on each dropped player in order to be allowed to add players. No players shall be added after Week 7. If the team falls below 14 players, needs additional players (to get back up to 16 players) and cannot produce the drop forms or medical notes BEFORE THE PLAYERS ARE ADDED; the players added after Sep 15 will not be allowed to participate in playoffs. Drop forms must be sent to the president of Nor Cal in order to get approval prior to adding players.


SPORTSMANSHIP – This was an excellent opening day weekend where kids just seemed to play football and there was not much else.  We had very few issues, no major problems and no reported ejections so far.

COMPETITION – We had 17 games played where the final score was within 2 touchdowns, while we had 11 games with a lop-sided score (30 points or more).

2016 OPENING WEEKEND – GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE.  Please read the important notes below.

SPORTSMANSHIP IS THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!  The sportsmanship of players and coaches was outstanding last weekend but CANNOT SAY THE SAME FOR SOME OF THE PARENTS.  Coaches need to meet with parents and go over the PARENT CODE OF CONDUCT.  We will not tolerate poor sportsmanship by parents and it could affect your associations standing so make sure they are under control!

FIELD RULES – Please make sure to communicate all field rules to coaches, participants and parents each week.  Everyone needs to closely follow field rules because we do not anyone to lose their field.  It has happened in the past and we cannot allow it to happen in the future otherwise where are going to play our games?  Please make sure to communicate to everyone to follow the rules – including the no-tailgating rules every high school has.

SIDELINE CONTROL – Only badged personnel along with water and ball boy/girl are allowed on the sidelines.  Games may be stopped or even forfeited if head coaches do not keep their sideline under control.


PLEASE READ SO YOU KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON – WHAT IS OK FOR THE JAMBOREE AND NOT OK.  It is different than regular season games.

Presidents…Attached are the Jamboree schedules – all of which are subject to change if teams drop out – but the times for each level are correct.  Please get the information to your coaches so they can scout if they so choose.  Some additional information:

  • Solano has moved their Jamboree to Sunday
  • Cheer must attend the Jamboree.  It is a fund-raiser for National travel and Cheer shares equally in the distribution of funds. If there are any concerns about space on the track, have them sit together in the stands.

IMPORTANT info on the Jamboree.  Kids can play even their cards are not stamped “ready for weigh-in” as long as they have a parent’s signature, physical and other documents needed to practice.   Some kid’s cards aren’t stamped because they don’t have a medical number or other minor reasons and we do not want to keep them from participating.


  • IT’S A SCRIMMAGE – The jamboree is a practice scrimmage.  Therefore no MPR is required, game score may or may not be kept and uniforms are not required.  You do not need a full field as teams can play on half fields with or without the chains.
  • ADMISSION COST FOR THE JAMBOREE – Hosts can charge up to $5 per adult.
  • BADGES AND ROSTERS – Rosters can be used if coaches do not have their badge this weekend only.  Starting with week 1 a coach MUST HAVE A BADGE OR PAY THE $5.
  • SCHEDULE – It is up to the host to set up the Jamboree schedule.
  • INVITATIONS MUST BE SENT BY HOST – Send out the invitations and include times for each level including weigh-in time and field rules.
  • MANDATORY WEIGH-INS – Weigh-ins must be conducted to ensure players more than 10 overweight are NOT allowed to play.  Only kids whose cards are stamped “READY FOR WEIGHT IN” will have their weight recorded on their player card and have their player card signed by the weigh-master.
  • SCALES – If you have 3 or 4 teams you MUST have 2 scales certified this calendar year.  If you have 5 or 6 teams playing on a level, you must have 3 scales.  We do not want to fall behind time-wise because you have only one scale and are trying to weigh-in 4 or 5 teams etc… It is ok to ask another association to bring their scale and to use it for the day.
  • BE ORGANIZED – Have volunteers (at your gate) direct the coaches to where and when they are supposed to weigh-in as soon as the team arrives and let them know where they should go to warm up.
  • REFS AND MEDICS – The host must provide referees for the scrimmages and a Medic on the field as you would any other game.
  • GAME DAY ENVIORNMENT – Other than the items listed you should strive to provide a great game day experience for the kids.  It is their first major activity this season so let’s make it a great one.  We do expect to have Nor Cal officials at each of the Jamborees in case of any issues.


Congratulations to Shannon Candelario, from Tri-Counties, who has been named the new Mountain Northwest Region Cheer & Dance Director by AYF Nationals

Welcome to the NORCAL Youth Football Website

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We would like to welcome all players, coaches and board members to NorCal Youth Football. The conference was established with the goal of building a highly competitive youth football organization in the Bay Area. The mission of the NorCal Conference is to provide a safe learning environment where children can participate in an activity which teaches values and skills that become part of the child’s experience and impacts their lives in a positive way. Under the umbrella of the national program, American Youth Football, our local conference will strive to teach the importance of self‐respect and dedication while building character and self‐confidence.

Whether you realize it or not, your actions set an example for the children you coach. As an adult volunteer we ask you act with integrity at all times and strive to do the right thing for the right reason. Thanks and have a great season!

NorCal Board of Directors