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Updated: 2018-09-24 14:36:23


Here’s what’s new on the NorCal Football site.


DRONES ARE ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT AND ACCORDING TO NATIONAL RULES THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED – Anyone using a drone is subject to suspension even if it is not at your game but someone else game.  Also according to national rules, the Head coach of the person flying the drone is responsible for the actions of ALL …



More and more presidents are objecting to unexplained time changes different than what this schedule indicates, so we are going to stick to the schedule unless I made a mistake or the school changes your location and/or day.  NOR CAL RULES STATE NO SCHEDULE CHANGES ARE PERMITTED WITHOUT THE APPROVAL OF THE NOR CAL PRESIDENT …


Certification Notes

CERTIFICATION- Attached is the list of the 3 Certification areas and where your association is currently assigned to do Certification.  If you wish to change locations or your certification leader that is fine just let me know.;  however nobody should be recruiting an association to change locations.  Each of the Certification officers (Kim, Ranon and …


Game Notes

2018 HOME SCHEDULE AND TEAM STRENGTH NOTES   Congratulations to the El Dorado Cougars and Sacramento Bulldogs who have joined Nor Cal for the 2018 season.   HOME SCHEDULE – Attached is the home schedule.  Opponents are also listed but are subject to change without notification.  Home DATES will NOT be changed unless you are …


Welcome to the NORCAL Youth Football Website

We would like to welcome all players, coaches and board members to NorCal Youth Football. The conference was established with the goal of building a highly competitive youth football organization in the Bay Area. The mission of the NorCal Conference is to provide a safe learning environment where children can participate in an activity which …

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